Journey to the Land of the Sacred and Mysterious ~ Part 1

Stephanie – the key to the gate

From the start of this new year I have experienced the most powerful and mystical energies. More so notable since 11-11-11 where I was given the opportunity to spend the day on Mount Shasta; as a midwife for ushering in the new energies on earth. Understanding that a portal was opened on that day I found myself shifting so rapidly which shook out anything that I may have otherwise held onto. Having been through the spin cycle I no sooner cleared myself when I was being called to assist another to do the same.

Stephanie, a sweet sister whom I had a magical encounter while at my friend’s house in Shasta during the 11-11, “The 11th Hour” summons me. Having only spent 5 wakeful hours together we both had acknowledged it was as though we lived lifetimes. While looking into each others eyes we deeply connected, running through timelines and clearing discordant events and contracts, knowing full well we were not finished that night. Upon my departure the next morning as I was to return home, I slipped away bidding her a silent fond farewell as Stephanie lie deep asleep. For in the unspoken affirmation we would surely meet again.

Connecting several times by phone in Dec. and Jan. we entertained several possibilities of re-uniting energies, allowing for what ever wanted to come through and waiting for the path to be revealed.

So off I go to the land of the mysterious and sacred ~ Sacramento. Under the signs of deep shadow work with Neptune opposing Pluto, while also balancing Venus and Mars and topping off with my Scorpio Moon. With my intrepid spirit it will certainly prove to be a tantalizing and highly charged visit to the mysterious…..

My recent post “Home is where the heart is” reflects the new energies that surfaced in the form of “work” for me. To assist (midwife) others that are reaching out and ready for clearing.

Journey to the land of the Sacred and Mysterious – Part 2

Love and Adventure,


Wash, Rinse and Repeat

Sacred Union ~ Love Yourself ~ initially published on 2/14/11

Valentines Day

~ a day to express your love ~ why not express this love for yourself

A union is a marriage – a joining in harmony or agreement. A Sacred Union is the most honored of all unions as it is the union of self with spirit, a divine union. When all duality is relinquished, the uniting of the inner and outer, the balance of the masculine and the feminine, to be in the grace of oneness.

The full expression of love for self may be viewed as a selfish concept and not in the manner of the spiritual community. For we have been guided to believe that we must be in service to others. How much can we give of ourselves to assist another. I have concerned myself with this for decades.

I can remember about 4 years ago I was asked by a medical intuitive if I loved myself. Quickly I responded with an emphatic “yes”. Then he had me ask my husband how much he loves me with a percentage. He too was quick to respond with a 150%! Good response, I felt.  Then I was told loud and clear that it was impossible for my husband to fully love me for I was not loving me.

How could he know this I thought, how dare he presume that I did not love myself.  I thought the correct answer was how much my husband loved me. Is it not the measure of ones’ love, by how much you are loved?  Surely 150% meant I was a great person, worthy of so much love!

I was blessed by spirit then with this guidance and yet I could not accept this as my truth. I did not hear these words until………..

……, 4 years later – I hear the words of an angel. Spirit has brought me to a healing room to remember myself and to fully, completely love myself. To commune with my divine nature, my authentic self.

Each day, each moment I open my eyes to start anew, I remember a little more.  I am allowing love to flow, rather than block it by externalizing. Understanding that I am the beloved one I have been waiting for all along, fully embracing this ultimate of unions, the divine sacred union.

Love and Gratitude,

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