The Wizard From The Blizzard

Mark Borax, the wizard doth delivers!

Though Mark was delayed in Chicago for 2 nights, as he was right in the middle of the big blizzard, he arrived – and he did bring it!  There was much energy swirling across the country with this union, the northwest even had several notable earth quakes during this time.

The gathering for Mark’s book talk went very well, nice turn out with a heartfelt crowd.  Mark’s passion for his writing was felt by all as he read from his new book. I so very much appreciated his insight and candid dialogue. Pleased with the number of readings that had booked, the few openings that were available quickly filled after his book talk. Initially Mark was only going to make the trip if he had a specific number of readings to justify the costs. As the weeks quickly passed from my first contact with Mark, he seemed to relax about the number of readings and decided to commit to the journey in trust. I felt as though I was the portal and that it was his creation to have the number of readings he needed. He was quite intrigued with my summoning him to Port Townsend, as this happened another time quite similarly.  He accounts for this in his first book. Mark definitely has a deep relationship with Port Townsend and I do believe we have not seen the last of him.

The night before his departure, Mark and another friend came over to visit with me. The three of us laughed, sipped tea and shared in common the love of the written word.  Mark the published author, Katherine who has completed her children’s book and is seeking to be published and me, still in the creational phase of my first book. I grew to appreciate Mark as a writer so much that evening, he has a talent with words that can stretch us to go beyond our current concept of the way things are, which will bridge us to the new world. Well done Mark! I honor your work, support your talent and love you….

For those of you that were able to experience Mark as the wizard/astrologer I have no doubt you were guided with clarity and insight while most likely still integrating and processing your time with the wizard. Sometimes people can be the key for us, just by sitting with them. Spoken word may take place but it is in their presence, their transmission where the true work is fulfilled.

I look forward to his third book, perhaps it will be a novel??

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Love and Gratitude,




“Reality is what we take to be true. What we take to be true is what we believe. What we believe is based upon our perceptions. What we perceive depends upon what we look for. What we look for depends on what we think. What we think depends on what we perceive. What we perceive determines what we believe. What we believe determines what we take to be true. What we take to be true is our reality.”
A direct quote from The Quantum and the Lotus, the notion of what is reality summarized by physicist, David Bohm

My truth is; that we cannot find truth through belief for belief is a mental condition. Only through the simplicity of faith can we find truth. Others opinion about what is real is not your truth nor is it mine. There is no one reality or no one truth.

Trust everything you hear, see or read as opinion, the only truth is what is true to you, (including this blog). This substantiates the necessity to argue with someone else about their opinion, or insisting to be right. For it is the mind, the ego that desires to win and wants to be right……

~Belief hangs on………………………Faith lets go~

Belief is sudden death to the search for truth, for once you believe you stop seeking or looking for truth. Believing in anything has a way of creating judgement and prejudice for it is the mind convincing us. Faith is trust and trust keeps us connected to spirit. Through this connection we can discern (free will) the truth of our own individual knowing, this is self mastery.

Love and Truth,


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