My Heavenly Tree

I am here now, awakening in a new bed, in a new room in a new home. Toward the end of July during some of the intense solar flare activity with a new moon I began to get a nudge to look for a new home. The whispers were that I needed to find a place that will allow access for more light. Recalling the long, cold and dark winter last year in my studio where I had limiting light from an east window, I grew in awareness that I needed more light and I better find it now. Suffice for now I will share the precipitous move that I have just experienced which brought me to my tree from heaven.

After a few weeks of the newspaper and craig’s list I visited 6 spaces and then it showed up the 7th house. When I visited my cottage for the first time I knew without question it was where I needed to be, no compromising for this space as all the others seem to have something not quite right. Painted with a spectrum of which I have never before had in my home, while having a full panoramic view of light. Three sets of french doors and a full glass front door more windows and a sky light, if there is to be light it will certainly beam brightly on me now….

Mios (Fitz) my buddha kitty was also a catalyst for this move. He too was seeking the light, as I would observe him laying in the square of light in the morning that only lasted an hour or so from my east window. Then he would move to follow the square of light on the floor to lay with his face in it as the light would move with the sun’s movement.

However, the surprise gift of my new space was a most magnificent fig tree, known as the tree from heaven. My eyes could not see her until I moved in when she was pointed out to me. I don’t believe I had ever seen a fig tree before, so gracious and delicate with those beautiful leaves as you can imagine the famed fig leaf. Branches that bend and curve as if she is dancing and seemingly changes every time I look at her. Once able to see her I instantly grew aware of her cries for assistance, as she was being smothered by two towering inauspicious pine trees. Having a tight grip around her….. restricting, limiting and shadowing her growth. I knew those lower invasive limbs of the pine tree would have to be removed.

Only a few days would pass when I would be in my back yard to hear the voices of assistance. I greeted them from my side of the fence and though I could not see anyone I trusted my words would be received to those on the other side….. Responding to me that they were not the homeowners, they were caretakers of the land and on their last day. I asked if they could trim the lower branches after checking with the owners. Such quick manifestation these days as it was not an effort, before I knew it the limbs were removed, instantly I could feel the energy move again and circulate through and around my fig tree.

I gave her a crystal to hold as well as my heart as it already expanded just by being in her sacred space. So beautifully she now stands, open and expansive, able to grow, dance and stay fully in the light, my beautiful fig tree a tree that was heaven-sent. Or is it I that has arrived to this heavenly spot….?

Love and more Light



Ahhhh back to school, perhaps the most nostalgic of times each year for me. When autumn persuades summer to conclude,  signaling a clarion call for the back to school shopping to commence. Most mothers seemingly happy to get their children off to school and out of the house, however I was not. My lamenting was concealed well by my enthusiasm for the start of a new school year, as I did recognize this time as forward movement. The customary first day back to school photos always proved that I could fake the excitement better than my boys could.

Fallacious feelings would arise and as each year the unwieldiness of doubt would continue to grow reflected by the height of my children; finding myself questioning why do I need to send them out there to learn about the world. Why couldn’t I teach them? What kind of world is it that I could not trust my own loving guidance, instead as if there is no choice we are mandated by the ruling structure of our society. We are taught that we have to learn.

As the many things that I question, I consider that we do not need to be taught inasmuch as we are here to remember. Sure in a modern society playing the part of a worker in the system does require a good education. Our credentials and money spent on an education earn for us a way to the top. Top of what? A winner of the game of life? Who really wins, the person who amass great financial wealth who is able to wear a designer suit at their funeral. Or is the real winner the person who remembers the game, why they are here and how they are a part of the whole, great wealth can show up in many ways.

I spent so much of my life learning….. learn how to speak, walk, learn the alphabet, math, science, history, how to be a Naturopath Doctor.  Now I am un-learning, peeling away the structures that were once placed on me through the teachings of our modern cultural society.

Recognizing for myself that learning does not determine my knowing. By virtue of someone able to memorize what they read does not entitle to be all-knowing. Wisdom is  attained through the action of discernible knowledge. The layers that are created are very deep, ego loves for us to feel that we are better by all that we learn, because we are so well read. There is nothing that is needed but to remember who we are. Maybe B-T-S could stand for back to self…… back to our multi-dimensional self.

Love and remembering,

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