My Walk With LadyHawke

The day started with a vague agreement that LadyHawke and I would meet on one of our beaches here in town. Without ever confirming, I headed up to the north beach where I was met by an amazing blanket of fog. Since I was a bit early I decided to claim the moment and walk out to the point where the rocks meet the ocean. It was quite extraordinary for I was engulfed by the mist yet at the same time surrounded by the water. Making for a chilly affair, consequently I realized that I was not dressed warmly enough and decided to run home, change clothes and call LadyHawke to confirm our plans. No surprise I would find her on the side of the bluff near my home taking pictures of the fog; just shows who needs a phone or computer to connect anymore. We hugged, laughed and proceeded to walk here on my side of the beach where the sun was out and much warmer.

Finding a spot where we could sit on one of natures benches we both buried our feet in the warm sand. The dragonflies seem to demand out attention as they whirled by, while a heron kept us amused as he made his way dining at the shore line buffet. Harmoniously sharing stories and laughter while breaking many time to witness the beauty and magic all around us. This is not difficult for us as we both have that high-speed processor of a Gemini mind and are able to quickly move from one thought form to another all the while maintaining an aware state of connectivity. We have always done this very well, she is one of the few people I know that can follow my conversation when I go into that fast multi-dimensional turbo talk.

Moments would quickly drift by as we watched the fog that hung like a curtain or veil in front of the mountain range do the same. Our conversation was halted when we observed a large naval ship slowly make it’s way thru the veil. Something we had to witness – this menacing symbols of war, hate and all that is shadow. Creeping along, advancing in the shadow, like an ominous messenger of all that is nasty business, revealing yet hiding. We would get back to our conversation, though keeping a close watch on this shadow as it would advance and come more into the light. Then in silent affirmation we acknowledged the last of the ship turning the point where we could no longer see it, while immediately after this the veil completely lifted. No longer was the wall of fog present. Symbolism of the energy on the planet right now as the darkest of the shadow is coming out into the light, to be witnessed and then transmuted.

As feelings of completion arose we both simultaneously started making our way up the beach to head back to my home. Stopping for a snack at natures berry shack, we picked some black berries while being kissed all over by those sweet little fluffies that LadyHawke calls mother’s kisses, similar to that of the dandelion’s fluff that blow in the breeze.

Then a most extraordinary moment, as if in slow motion LadyHawke looks up and begins to point out and in that instant of awareness I seem to follow her as if she had spoken the words in my ear before she even glanced. For there right over our heads was our brand new baby eagle on her fledgling flight, circling many times proclaiming her arrival. She stayed ever so close to us making herself seen and of course absolutely adored from the two of us. This is a totem that has been prominent for me since I arrived to Port Townsend and just one of the many totems that LadyHawke works with. With teary eyes as I looked to LadyHawke in silent validation there were no claims needed for day, just gratitude. For I knew this was one of those magical splendid gifts that manages to show up, likened to the many moments when I walk with LadyHawke….

Love and Gratitude,


Happy Re-Birthday Mios

It was on the spring equinox of this year that I celebrated my re-birthday, welcoming Lisanne. Now Fitz, my feline companion is  re-birthing into his new energy as Mios. 

Prior to my move to Port Townsend I began to question if Fitz should come along with me, having been in my life for just a month I felt it best if I could find for him a loving home there in Boulder.  However after an animal communicator spoke with Fitz confirming that no matter what was ahead of us that he was emphatically needing to join me.  The post I wrote back in December called Mr Fitz, speaks about the journey he took just to be with me, truly a warrior with incredible patience, dedicated and loyal. In addition I had her ask Fitz if he liked his name, he affirmed he did though I would continue to question for knowing his name was not allowing his truest expression. 

The hints, whispers and signs as of late have revealed to me of Fitz’s ancient ancestral line as an egyptian god. Mios or Maahes, the lion-headed god when translated means  “he who is true beside her.”  Son of Sekhmet, Mios was considered to be the devourer of the guilty, guardian of sacred places and protector of the innocent. With Ra as his father he was a solar god and the personification of the burning heat of the sun. Further translation describes Mios as “one who can see in front” and associated with truth and balance, also means Michael – the 7th messenger.

For the those whom have met Fitz certainly would attest to his powerful nature, he never was over looked. His presence commands for you to see him, as he sees you. With intensity he will look steadfastly into your eyes until he chooses to break the stare. After which he will read your aura and then give you a head-butt…..and walk off.

On this most auspicious day, August 8, 2011 ~ known as the Lion’s gate…. I announce the re-birth of Mr Fitz….. now to be recognized, honored and celebrated as Mios.  

Love and Celebration,

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