Animal and Birds Totems

Is there any surprise that I would speak of animal medicine when I have been spending time with a shaman.  The animals and birds are beautiful aspects of the power LadyHawke works with as any of us can, if we are aware.

I first became aware of my newly discovered animal medicine when I visited LadyHawke on my vision quest.  Upon my arrival to Port Townsend, after a long journey to get here I quickly unloaded my car so that I could enjoy my surroundings before nightfall. Within just minutes of sitting down on the steps of my cabin I was greeted by a peacock displaying all of his feathers for me, the most beautiful color palette of blues and greens.  I was  humbled and amazed by this encounter and knew in that moment that I had entered a new level of consciousness.

The peacock medicine speaks of: resurrection and wise vision, also provoking an examination of the mysticism and symbolism of feet.  The feet represent our support system; they are at the foundation of our structure.  I am in awe of how this amazing creature spoke volumes to me by his emerging presence, the perfect medicine to start with.  Gifted with some of his feathers that remind me  of this powerful medicine.

Another animal totem that was revealed to me was the elk. While camping in the “HOH” rain forest I saw him first from afar while on a walk to the riverside.  Upon my return to my campsite there he was, oh yes right in front of me. Stunned by the size of this magnificent creature as he graced me with a pose for a close up.  The elk speaks of: strength and nobility, not to mention power and stamina. This totem showing up in my life meant for me that I am about to hit my stride. Having elk medicine also teaches us how to pace ourselves.

Thinking back through my life I recognize the animal totems that had showed up, including a bear in 2004 at my back door! Unfortunately for me then I did not pay attention to see the guidance they were there to offer. Symbols are clues, like the animal and bird totems which are placed by spirit to remind us and help us remember while on our journey.

A great book that will assist you in recognizing animal and bird totems is – “Animal speak”

Animal Speak

Love and Gratitude,


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