Lisana offers oneness consultations experienced through skype or phone,  consultations will include the offering of sound healing.  As a Mystic, Naturopath, change maker, game changer and truth seeker ~ Lisana expresses a clarity in understanding our planet’s progressive transformation. 

“Knowledge is most revered when it is sought” ~  quoted from Lisana’s book  Metamorphosis  ~

During a consultation you will experience:

  • clarity and stabilization within a high frequency field of cooperation
  • opening, clearing and releasing; fear demolisher
  • a potent transmission with guidance, breaking through illusion while playful and inspiring with insightful open-hearted wisdom – bringing about re-membering

*Additional work Lisana offers –

  •  Midwife the death and rebirth of loved ones *
  • Conscious Dream Date – assisting with dreaming-manifesting-creating
  • Home and land ceremony – clearing and crystal grid work

Lisana’s transformational kit include:  sound healing – crystal singing bowls, brainwave therapy, tuning forks, mayan galactic signature and oracle card readings, essential oils, herbal pfarmacy, flower essences,  crystal wisdom, vibrational food, energy medicine.


$111- 55 minutes 

* donation will be accepted for assistance with a conscious transition of a loved one if done remotely. Travel expenses will be required for on-site assistance. 


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