Home is Where the Heart is – Part 1

Moving, ranks as one of the most stressful events, shifting awareness while provoking change. My post Me on Pause-Paws speaks of yet another move, a record-breaking 3 months in and out of my last home. Now in my new humble abode after experiencing an event horizon making this my 33rd move and quite possibly my most profound. Though distracting and usually exhausting I always enjoy moving as I value the change, freedom and insight each move will bring. Allowing for release and clearing moving has a profound affect on so many levels. However this last one took me into such depth around the circumstances which shifted my perception, testing my adaptability and tenacity while expanding my acceptance of what was presented. I cannot imagine another endeavor that could have precipitated such clarity of vision. This life school has offered an accelerated course of miracles for me and I am eternally grateful for each moment I experience even if it takes me into the shadows of my soul where I must encounter great sadness or loss.

In my book I speak of a pivotal move that my husband and I took in the early nineties when our children were quite young; relocating from one area of the country to another making for quite a drama. That was one of the moves that I find difficult to rationalize, though with all of my relocating I felt a higher guidance and dispensation that as long as I did not resist I would encounter a new level of consciousness.

I can lie in my bed today, close my eyes and feel the beds of past. That is to say I can remember what it felt like to lay in all of my beds in all my homes from a recount of my moves. Reminiscent to a movie or a book are those chapters of my life. I can recall the feeling I had of the first night in any of my new homes, the sounds and smells and the comfort that once again I have arrived home. Opening my eyes as well as my heart on the first morning and viewing my life from a different perspective while falling in love with every aspect of my new surroundings. Discovering the beautiful details and hidden treasures of my new sanctuary.  I find it plausible to say that with each move I would somewhat ascend that there would be an upgrade or advancement; however no matter where I showed up my home was always where my heart is.

Home is where the heart is – Part 2

Love and  Heart,


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