Journey to the Land of the Sacred and Mysterious ~ Part 2

(Stephanie – the key to the gate) 

Travel was easy and I was immediately greeted by Stephanie at the airport. Upon arrival to her home I was able to again connect with her husband John while also meeting other family members. I had knowing that when this time began it was going to transcend the clearing work with Stephanie and that I would be working with all whom showed.

Immediately the energy started moving that next morning, no lollygagging. John stayed home as I felt he understood the nature of the engagement and in his deepest knowing was ready to start the flow. Stephanie had only fleeting moments of reluctance, her solar plexus would start hurting and I would run for essential oils and flower essences, while coaching, guiding and supporting. She was like a mama giving birth and this was just the beginning of her contractions. We had to start in layers as there was much to clear out of Stephanie. She did not see or know what she had as she was deeply buried in it all. I grabbed her hand and down under we went following the cord and releasing all that was holding her back. On day two she had to go to work for a couple of hours and so I went along to do my own work. Feeling determined to find an opening for abundance to flow so that Stephanie could feel her clearing efforts, I thus set out on a mission of deliverance while she worked in her shop. On this second day she began opening her heart and her eyes as this was the big shift on her ground-hog day, coincidentally it actually was ground-hog day as we later were reminded. Her grace and beauty allowing for full surrender was stunning, she set the bar very high. However noticing  how easy it is for others to scatter their energy when faced with change, I had to continue assisting Stephanie to ground and pull back her energy so as she would stay present and wholly.

Each day we peeled away more layers and revealed more light. By the third day she was feeling it in her physical body, especially with having to stay in it and present. Everything began hurting as she pushed harder to clear the physical she began releasing and consequently her soul beamed. Each day as we stepped outside the sky reflected the clearing work we had done inside, revealing amazing clouds and light, witnessing a second sun a rainbow sun. The light was so bright that there were no longer defined lines.

People were feeling our energetic vortex that now was open as evident by all those whom were calling or showing up. Liken to that of a black hole many found their way in. Synchronicities were prevalent as well as mystical magic. By day five I began assisting my sister in setting sacred space, moving furniture so the flow reflected the clearing giving way to spacious light. By the end of the first week we had a healing circle in the now sacred space. Having sound healing and fully activating the portal that was created Stephanie now on-line and connected into this portal. Additional healings were coming forward all the while we continued to clear and began releasing the clutter.

Each night I would do a reading of cards for her using the Osho deck and Divine Guidance cards. There was so much validation in this sacred time sitting together that we would laugh and cry simultaneously in ecstatic revelation.

The stories are endless and the transformation apparent. The bridge was built for connecting these realms and now each of us holding space on the two gateways.

I am grateful for this beautiful journey with my beloved Stephanie furthermore in awe of her grace, beauty and power.

Part 1

Love and feeling, healing and clearing,


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