The 11th Hour – Part 4

No rest with the transforming energy of this day, as I return home to young Michael I assisted him with some of his needs. Then before I knew the next scene was set up with the arrival of the succeeding caregivers, the couple that were to stay with Michael after I would leave. Stephanie and I connected instantly while her husband John remained quietly in the background, reminding me of a smokey quartz crystal as he sat grounding the energy.

Talking non-stop while covering many topics, Stephanie and I were like two sisters whom have been apart for sometime and now catching up on progress.  Never awkward or assuming we just enjoyed the moment. Stephanie begins to show me photos on her iPhone, there were many shots of this same anomaly and little did I know these were clues for the grand finale of the evening. Did Stephanie have this all planned out and knew exactly watch she was doing? Or is this just the magic that happens when two spirits are present, reminding each other of their true nature.

Michael and I had been playing cards earlier in the week and were excited to have Stephanie join us, especially since I could not remember the rules to poker. Though we made up our own and rather had fun we did welcome Stephanie’s expertise to guide us. The night drifted along with such playful chatter and banter everyone being themselves while enjoying the fun. Staying aware of  time  as we planned to sit together for the 11:11 PM, so we wrapped up the card playing and went onto the next phase.

Michael quietly and voluntarily went off to bed after saying good night. I felt the energy shift, something was trying to be revealed and I unaware at the time that it was for me. I really had no idea of what I was about to find out. All summer I was asking for understanding, I went into the deep inner work. Moving, quieting my life, most of all loving myself in such rich and profound ways. Now in right timing and because I have pulled myself together into wholeness I am fully present to bear witness to a critical revelation to who I am. Had I not been present it could have easily been over looked and dismissed as just a fleeting moment.

There at the 11th hour on the 11/11/11 rose gateway through the messenger of my dearest beloved Stephanie the most profound piece to the puzzle of my core soul essence was about to be disclosed. The revelation to who I am, my origin…….

Sorry, there has to be some surprises for you, as you will have to read my book when I reveal the details of this transformational evening. A night though appearing as just a simple playful night, yet having the potency of metamorphosis, on the 11th hour of 11/11/11.

Infinite love, joy and magic



The 11th Hour – Part 3

My evenings were devoted to young Michael as sacred family time. We played cards and other fun things, it felt as though a life time had elapsed that week as I was there fulfilling an agreement. The moon was full on 11/10 and in honor I drove part way up the mountain to enjoy the luna-escence. Synchronicity would show up as I met some new friends there at my new-found magical spot. I invited the three women to stay while I played my crystal singing bowls as we basked in the moon’s intoxicating radiance. We all agreed to reunite once again the next morning for a meditation and for whatever else at 11:11 on the 11th.

Gathering about an hour before, in unison we set up our sacred space. Feeling as if we were having a family reunion with love, joy and harmony so abundantly flowing we would transmit this vibration out like an antenna from the mountain. Our sacred spot was very sweet, surrounded by a circle of trees that looked over us as we sat in our own circle. The ground was quite soft, the sky clear with the sun peaking up over the summit. Having a tree stump for our alter, we placed our crystals and sacred objects there while smudging ourselves and the area. Settling into our individual spot as though we were plugging into the matrix, words were shared, bowls were played and the moment became timeless as we all sat in our joy. Feeling a connection to the whole as there was no judgement, no criticism, no separation. The harmony was so apparent that later we would each validate these feelings as the way we would love to see the world. I felt as if we were sowing the seeds of love and knowing we were the archetype of harmonious living in this new frequency of the planet. Now ready to send it out in our meditation, we sat quietly among the trees, the air was cool and the sun warm not at all uncomfortable for this time of the year at almost 5 thousand feet up.

As we all came out of our meditation we noticed a huge flock of birds flying right above us, as though they were just released from a cage. Katya, our youngest of this small group was the visionary. Sharing with us that she saw a feather float passed me and then blow through the circle and disappear.  When I called in the blue ray she saw it there in front of me while many beings were standing behind me joining us for our sacred time. At the close of our ceremony I happened to look up in time to see a soaring eagle, way up high circling and lingering for a bit to assure his presence was witnessed. The four of us in so much gratitude for this beautiful, auspicious time together could not speak enough to each other of just how amazing it was.

My beloved friends drove up from the bay area for this one moment in time, knowing, trusting as I did that they were to be present and all they could be. Nora brought her special chai tea for all of us to share afterwards in an honorary breaking of bread. We all had such knowing in what to do, it was truly splendid to witness this joy among a group that just came together in a synchronistic moment. I felt as though we moved mountains that morning and the gateway was opened and we indeed stepped through.

At the close of our time together I once again owned my work as the water bearer. As I guided my friends to where Sherre could buy a vessel to fill with water before I took them to the source, the sacred living Shasta water. They followed me down to the park where source waters flow freely. Everytime I go there it is busy, people from all over pass through stopping to fill their bottles and visit this magical spot. A portal of it’s own, as when you enter all kinds of wonder takes place. Each time I visit I always have such amazing encounters.

This time I meet Shani, a long-legged, dark hair beauty. When I walked over she was sitting by the water playing with the elementals. We spoke and shared our joy when before I knew it she offered to assist me in filling my water bottles. I was elated as the rocks offered such a challenge for me to cross and though I have done it for some reason I could not this time.

I turn to see the man who I met in the crystal store who was buying a big bag of frankincense and myrrh, we exchanged affirmations. Then off to the side I saw a sweet young couple who stood by the water nuzzling noses for the longest time. Over on the rocks two girls or faeries sitting and giggling with such playfulness and joy. A woman many years older than I gracefully jumping the rocks to fetch her water. So many others coming and going all sharing, connecting and loving…. like a scene from the movie The Legend, it always proves to be quite magical, however this day it felt even more so. My three new friends have never been here before and as I watched them approach I could see the elation on their faces.

Sheree, a tall beautiful women having such courage, strength and trust as she had never crossed the rocks before. Without any hesitation she walked with such grace as she carried her large 6 gallon vessel. I was so happy and excited for her that she now will have the water to take back with her. Taking some time to fill this large container she began to cross the rocks back to us. Katya and I were there on the other side ready to assist her with a hand over. It seemed as though everything else stopped while we were helping Sherre and as soon as she crossed over the activity started up again. Saying our fond farewell goodbyes we hugged and kissed and vowed to stay connected.

The 11th Hour – Part 4

Love and Magic,

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