My Madrona

My Madrona
Come a little closer, ah will ya huh
Close enough to look in my eyes, Madrona
Keeping it a mystery gets to me
Running down the length of your trunk, Madrona
Never gonna stop…
M M M My Madrona
( the Knack song)

My Madrona tree, gracefully hangs around -just several hundred feet from my home. Yesterday I took a walk along the water’s edge on the sand to discharge all that excess energy that had built up solar flares and a powerful full moon I had to release it. Nothing like walking barefoot on the ground to assist in releasing and balancing our energies. While on my walk I heard Madrona beckoning me to come sit beside her. A first for me as I have not been hearing or paying attention to the plants and their messages, it has been so long that I lived in nature. Quickly I proceeded as I was excited to play and find out what she had to share with me. She is quite beautiful, I have never seen a Madrona tree before – until I moved here. They have an interesting bark that they shed and reveal this beautiful smooth skin underneath. I am not sure of her age, but I am guessing old enough to have lost a large trunk in the middle. Leaving this unique ring of 10 good size trees that complete a full circle that surrounds her center stump.

I visited her once before when I first arrived here and discovered that she will entice me to climb in, I can actually stand in the center of this divine being! After connecting this way I laid down at her roots allowing the sun to grace my face. What she shared with me is that she will assist me in regaining my balance and also help me to release my stored energy. I will forever be grateful to my Madrona, incidentally the meaning of madrona is “mother”.

Love and Gratitude,



The Dandelion says  ~  ” Love me affection returned “

Known for faithfulness and happiness  ~  Dandelion also known as the oracle of time and love

I just giggled to myself when I read these words. As the Dandelion has been speaking to me through the veil. A couple of weeks ago in one of those flashes – a transmission came through that I need nourishment from the Dandelion. They are not showing up in the physical yet, however I feel their energy and I will return their affection soon.

Synchronicity would start right after the message that I needed the Dandelions’ love and nourishment. While at my food co-op I ran into a friend who was selling her tinctures and spoke of a similar message. Discovering that we were both reading the same book, mine just showing up for me that very week. Guiding me to the public board in our co-op she shows me a flyer for Susun Weed, the author of the book that we are both reading. The flyer is about a workshop Susun will be giving the very next week in Seattle. Without hesitation I knew I would be attending this workshop spirit is guiding me on a journey to gather my healing tools.

There is also the element that I am playing with time, and for this the Dandelion as an Oracle of time has come to assist me!   Ha ha, the universe is playing back. In my recent post where I spoke of meeting Lee Carroll who channels Kryon, it was there I was given the responsibility to be the time-keeper of the event.  I laughed at the time (play on words here) as I do not own a watch or have a clock in my home. I realize that was my initiation to be working outside of time.

I have felt quite confused as how to feed my body now so much does not seem to work. What is coming through loud and clear is that I need the nourishment from these very special plants. They are abundant everywhere for all of us and offer so much for our changing bodies. What is being shown is that we do not need food as much as that we need nourishment- (vibration).

The dandelion spreads its seeds of love to be carried on the wind and then land to begin roots in order to perpetuate new growth of faithfulness and happiness. As the oracle of love and time, the dandelion has a message for all of us.  That is – we too can be the bringer of love, faith and happiness;  planting our seeds through our words or actions to catalyze change on the planet.

Love and Gratitude,


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