Equivocal Equinoctial Point

Uncertainty indeed on this equinox. Each day potentially could be a ground-hog day, that is to say a day by which we shall shift consciousness simply by choosing a different path. Such as I wrote in a recent post The Road Not Taken, where I recognized the difficulty of the path I had been taking and in a blink decided to take the unworn path. It proved to make a difference  as now fearlessly I travel on my new path which is literal as well as metaphorical. The old path, the old way will suspend us in fear.  Letting go of the old, releasing what was will allow for the new to emerge with splendor while liberating self from fear.

So be it on this day of balance and equality where the light and the dark are at an equinoctial point. Now standing on the edge of the abyss patiently waiting for the created new paths to replace the old worn out fear paths. Patience in each moment of breath is what must be, patience for the unknown.

I surrender to the patience, understanding that a delay is divine intervention. I trust in the process and allow for the appropriateness of creation in right timing……. Today I shall buy the flowers myself.

Love and Patience,


Happy Re-Birthday Lisanne

The spring equinox a day of balance and equality was the mantra at our gathering on a most powerful day. Coupled with a super perigee full moon I had the great honor to celebrate the day with about 30 members of my soul family, sharing our hypothetical round table of communion around a circle of fire. Singing, drumming and chanting while in a collective consciousness of unity.

In addition I was able to share this day as a celebration of my Re-Birthday, claiming my name of Lisanne. A union of my first and middle name, holding a new vibration for which will allow expansion. I had knowing for a while that I would need to change my name however it wasn’t until the equinox grew close that I realized.

Thank you all for sharing this most joyful day with me and for recognizing me after the close of the celebration as Lisanne.

Love and Gratitude,

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