Solar and Lunar Luminosity

This week proved to be one of fervent luminosity. While a full moon coupled with radiant solar flares transmitted information on a love frequency, I find myself in the center of the spiral embracing equanimity.

Seeking solitude for this potent night I indulged myself with an evening in my back yard under the brilliant full moon. As I began to play my  F# crystal singing bowl I quickly discovered I was not alone. Joining me was a choir of frogs, singing their song of transformation. I reciprocated via singing a high heart frequency through my bowl and soul, quite a spectacle.

Transforming fear into love….. now all that is required is to be patient and alert. This is the interlude, a time full of mystery like the hours before dawn. So now I wait, ripe and ready, liken to that of the final days before birth when anticipating the elation.

Patience must persevere in order to anticipate the ecstatic.

Love and patience,



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