My Oh Mios – Part 1

My awareness grew around time, for there was a count down by which action was surely imminent. Once I got it that my life was going to be without my furry friend, the only thing left in my life that was familiar, (my actual familiar)I was able to move forward and focus on him. Though this did not happen without pain and soul surrender, seemingly the more I resisted to that of keeping him the more suffering would occur, I had to free love. This little buddha had been such a great teacher in my life, only since the separation from my children have I felt the depth as I have experienced with Mios.

Who was I (ego) to feel I could keep him, I am well aware that love is allowing and expansive, not holding and contractive. My love did not, nor does not cease since I have been apart from my children, in fact it has grown. With Mios I was able to understand to my core what was the desire to hold on for in the possession or ownership I would have a warm body to come home to and assure that I was never alone.

Quickly reaching out to all the local sisters in my realm I put a call out for help. Many of the women had met Mios and all could attest to his power and beauty and I knew if anyone could help it would be in this circle. However that was my ideal, not Mios’s. He certainly was co-creating this adventure and had his own grand design in mind. Days would quickly pass and another no would show up, meanwhile Mios patiently would sit gazing outside.  Everyday as I packed to prepare for the move I had the knowing it would be without my sweet Mios. Feeling the pause paws, in slow motion as I would go through the process of packing while suffering with my sadness. Questioning the decision I made while making every possible attempt to facilitate his connection.

 My Oh Mios – Part 2

Love and Forgiveness,


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