Me on Pause, Paws

It would be only days after returning from Mt. Shasta that my life once again would take on radical change. Placing myself in a corner while having to make a choice to move again just after moving to my little cottage 3 months before. I got caught in converging timelines, that is I was aware of myself living in many places at one time. I was viewing potential life times and had a moment’s pause to make a choice. Having this interlude allowed for me to drop in to each of them to explore and then come up and choose new direction.

Captivated on pause was exhausting, not sleeping much at all during this juncture which lasted about 10 days. So very grateful for upon my return from Shasta I was given a whole week of sweet sound sleep, in preparation I think for my arduous timeline jumping.

I came out the other side finding a home a mile from me and because of the many attributes and affordability that it offered I could not decline. I began investing myself, giving my notice to the current property owner and in agreement with the new owners I began going in and cleaning the new home. Each day I would take a car load of my things and unpack as I cleaned.

Fastidiously I cleaned as I always do, with my attention to every inch, nook and cranny of my new home until my energy pervades throughout. Imbued with my love frequency I now can take ownership. Growing with anticipation to move in as everything seemingly was going so well. The new space offered amenities that I felt provided for a comfortable home for myself and Mios (my buddha cat). There are many window ledges that he could lay on and the potential to be in a fenced garden area with the required sun light that we both seek.

Then suddenly my life got put on pause again this time it really took me down in a full spin and to the deepest core of my soul. Though I did not see it coming I had a sense all along something big was about to shift. How could it not after a most powerful moment sitting on Mt. Shasta for the rose stargate. A critical time on our planet of shifting into high heart and being a transmitter and conduit for the love frequency. But why would love hurt so much and why would I have to let go of it again…. my post I want un-attachment speaks of the letting go of my greatest love.

I sat with the new owners on the day of the solstice, as we decided since I was almost moved in we should look over the lease and good time for me to give them a check. We walked through unit and discussed the work I had done and the other issues and at the last when I was about to sign the lease I mention my cat. The owners and I looked at each other and one said “well that’s it, we are done here”. That it was a no pet unit and they absolutely cannot make an exception as it was due to allergies. In disbelief  we looked at each other not understanding how this never came up. It was not in the ad for the unit and though I thought to myself of all the possibilities for Mios in this new home apparently I never audibly spoke them.

As I walked away I asked for a few days to review my options and as I had already invested so much of myself and having only 10 days before I had to be out of my other space I didn’t know where else I would go. The bottom dropped out and I went into a free fall. Why would spirit have me give up my Mios, my life once again placed on pause paws.

I had to make Sophie’s choice and quickly scramble to find a new home for Mios.

Love and me-ow,


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