The 11th Hour – Part 2

Each day while Michael was in school I would do what was needed, without questioning, following my guidance to the tasks at hand. First a soak in liquid crystal at Stewart Mineral Springs, where the water is very high in silica. Later in the week during the peak of the full moon I would have a second soak in that fabulous crystal water. At the same time all during the week drinking as much living, structured Shasta water that I could possibly drink in one day.

Next was a visit to my friends in the crystal store as to find what may be needed for the 11/11. On the second day I would make my first visit up the mountain and connect with whatever was needed while having many close encounters of the people kind along the way. Maria, my dear new friend from Spain was there to greet me, we chatted and ended up sharing soup for our evening meal together. Her story of how she too was tapped to be there, was just one of the many I would hear. The town was vibrating and buzzing with so many attendees as though there was a large conference with a covenant to be delineated by all those present. Hearing of the many that have arrived for the cosmic event on 11-11, one example was of a woman who came all the way from China to be apart of this collective ascension, in my own microcosm I had knowing the implication was far-reaching on the mountain as well as the planet. People were joining in love, peace and harmony to set in motion a 5D template for our new world.

Everyone had something to share with me, either words or sacred items, maybe just a smile….truely a shamanic journey in Shasta, stay awake….pay attention, allow for what may come and stay grounded ! The acceleration of the energy there is truly remarkable, unmistakably higher frequency as is my Port Townsend. Though I will say something else is going on, a galactic portal of contributing variable frequencies transcending 12 dimensions. Depending on the individual the mountain has the ability to modulate and transduce the frequency to allow for adaptation to any level for each individual. While at the same time raising the frequency for each person to the maximum elevated point without blowing circuitry.

As I watched the moon wax each night growing into the fullest expression, it was a clear reflection of my own energy. Providing for a continuum and count down for my blast off. Days would quickly flow into the next as each moment likened to that of a note in a concerto, subsequently ascending to reach a crescendo. Staying poised and present to whatever or whomever would show up I found myself emanating a frequency I have yet to know. I loved the moon and I loved me in a way I have never experienced, perhaps resembling a joyful child on christmas eve. Reminding me of my youngest son whom was always a happy little guy, yet at christmas he was at his peak of joy. At a very young age he started this lovely mantra that went like this…. “I love my life, I love my family and I believe in santa clause”.

The 11th Hour – Part 3

Love and Magic,


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