The 11th Hour – Part 1

Much to my surprise and delight I was called to the mountain, welcomed by Mount Shasta for the rose stargate on 11/11/11. Having not planned anything and really did not want to make a third trip to Mt. Shasta when she is snowy and cold, I set my intention to stay locally and perhaps alone in my new space allowing for the energies to reach me. Instead just a week or so before the auspicious date I was tapped to go. Able to witness the full manifestation as I have never before, at first a thought form and some words spoken and before I could say Shasta I was finding myself on the road at 5:00 AM driving down to the mountain.

This now my third time to Shasta, the first was another 11/11 in 2009 which proved quite magical and potent. My second a year ago in July while on my vision quest as I stopped there for a week before coming to Port Townsend.

The long 10 hour journey down was filled with wonder and anticipation and though my mind could not begin to conceive of how things would take shape, my heart knew. With each breath that I took my heart pulsated with joy as I have found that when I am in the flow everything just comes in a way of right timing. The morning was a cold start and the star lit sky guided my journey for the first 2 hours of the drive. Passing only a few cars I wondered where everyone was, perhaps I was dreaming and this time I was asleep, as so many other times in my twilight sleep I am not sure if I am awake or asleep.

Suddenly I am there, showing up at my friend’s house who lives right at the foot of the mountain in Shasta, where one can’t help but feel the power of this incredible portal. I could feel the vortex for many miles before I could even see the magnificent pinnacle. Most humbling when approaching this giant presence that towers in the sky.  Spirit set it up perfectly as I was to be cosmic mama for a week caring for my friend’s 11 year old son, while she fulfills her destiny in Peru. Placing me in that loving, nurturing feeling that I had with my own children, the highest love I have ever known, my post Cosmic Mama goes into depth of this greatest love. Now I am making pb&j sandwiches for young Michael as I send him off to school. Stepping right into the role as if it was just another day with my own children, as I knew this very well. Deeply, wholly and without any reservation I gave my heart over to Michael.

The 11 th Hour – Part 2

Love and Magic,


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