Northern Lights

Now that six weeks have elapsed since the move to my new home, I can fully attest to the light factor here. This being the main reason for my move, that is to access and allow for more light. The sunlight of fall has proven powerful, potent and congruous with my energy. It streams in through the 3 sets of french doors as well as my front door while gleaming down thru the sky light that is in the temple room of my space. The full moon that I experienced did the same, glowing, beaming and available to be noticed.

My awareness has grown in the last few nights that I am able to clearly see the stars and constellations from just about any window. I cannot remember when or if I could ever lay in my bed at night and observe the universe. When I wake in the middle of the night as I walk through each room I am able to see out as if each window is a screen…… as if the movie is playing in panoramic. However which is the movie, the sky above or me below?  I say that as anymore it feels as though I am the one being observed by the stars, instead of what once was me looking at them. There is a mutual observing going on here and deep appreciation from both viewpoints…..

While lying cozily in my bed in deep contemplation I witnessed the sky instantly turn on and light up. Now I know I have nights of half sleep and half awake that I call my twilight time, however I was certain I was awake for this. I filtered this thru my heart and felt it was not the moon as it was a new moon, certainly not street lights or neighbors as this was the entire sky which lit up so brightly that it made the stars disappear.

In a flash I got it, it must be the northern lights. There were hues of golds and pinks, glowing sparkling. I was being showered by the northern lights and now have the advantage point to see them.

Upon arising in the morning I did a google search to affirm that indeed what took place were the northern lights, aurora borealis…….visable all the way down to Georgia.

Enjoy the video… Northern Lights

Love and Light,

p.s. – Happy New Cycle Eve
(today being the final day of the Mayan calender)


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