Awaken From The American Dream

What is the american dream? Who started it? Who is dreaming?

What a great way to trap our minds by our believing that we are living the american dream. The little box house behind the white picket fence, two kids and a dog….the compulsion to acquire possessions for the fulfillment of happiness. Who dreamed this up and who is really free in it? What part are you playing in this american dream. Are you June Cleaver, wearing your pearls and baking cookies for the Beav? I know that was the role I played and was in the re-runs for almost two decades. It was a beautiful dream, I loved the dream as it allowed me to feel boundless love for my children. A love so penetrating and yet so painful as I just could not attain any deeper level of  intimacy. Unequivocally this beautiful and powerful love proved expressively of how to know love.

Like myself, many of us have been trapped in the illusion, can you think back over your life and review the glitches in the system. Maybe a deja’vu, or some unexplainable event in your life. Moments when you thought you were somewhere other than where you were. Finding yourself keeping so busy and distracted, that you forgot you were actually in the game…. A game within a game. Level within level and who is really winning? Push pause for just a moment and look around just maybe you will see the illusion of the american dream. The Truman Show with Jim Carrey depicts it well, as we are in the earth show. The painful experience of realizing everything is illusion takes trust to walk through and forgive oneself for getting so caught up. It is time to wake up from this dream and stop sleeping through our existence as the omnipotent being we all are. We did it, game over, unplug and take a deep breath. We have played it out and experienced the game of separation and that of the american dream.

Sleeper it is time to awaken….

Love and Gratitude,


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. metamorphosiscouragetochange
    Oct 28, 2011 @ 10:12:15

    Hi Lisanne, Bob here from Tubular.
    Read American Dream, love it!! Will be back for more.
    Just wanted to say hey.


  2. metamorphosiscouragetochange
    Oct 28, 2011 @ 10:12:48

    thanks Bob, nice to hear support from the masculine energy as well.
    much love to you


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