Who I Am

I don’t know who I was, but I do know who I am. Shortly after my arrival to Port Townsend almost a year ago I was invited to meet Kryon at a seminar in Seattle. Lee Carroll who channels Kryon of magnetic service asked me to be the time-keeper as well as the light modulator for this day. Honored and bewildered I accepted and knew he was providing me opportunity to own my power and to use it. The message from Kryon that day was “the end of history.”  As soon as he spoke these words I knew what this meant for me as I had already experienced much detachment to who I was. I relinquished my history over the last several years, particularly in 2005 when I went through an enormous death of the old self.

Attachment to who we are, particularly to our profile can create a myriad of stuck patterns. Sending us into a belief structure that encase us to where we forget our true nature and once again placing us in illusion. Like an actor on a syndicated re-run that plays over and over through decades of airtime, we too can hook ourselves in a world of labels and stories of who we believe we are.

My post I want un~attachment speaks to the hooking that occurs when we desire, whether the desire to be for person, place or thing. Displacing oneself by seeking a specific profile or to be somewhere other that here or for the desire of things rather than appreciate what is front of us now. This summer has been quite transformational for me and snuck up in such a curious and guileful manner. I found myself very busy over the last 3 months and at times busy doing nothing, though inwardly a complete metamorphosis was taking place. Stillness does not always equate to idle, for it is in the stillness we find our center. Where our most profound changes occur taking us though the threshold of transformation, while coming out the other side to find ourself. Where self has no profile, just pure clear energy that has no limitation, boundary or labels. Where self exists multidimensionally.   I understand now that I was busy removing some of my last labels and breaking patterns of limited thinking. For I had thought I moved to Port Townsend to be a writer, resisting the allowance of all that I AM.

When the mind gets in the way and decides I AM a mother, wife, healer, writer or a vegan…. limitation encase us due to the belief that I AM what I believe. Rather than to be it all and I AM that I AM. Can I be a mother or a writer, sure in this moment I am writing however I am still everything else without limitations. Hear how your words flow placing you into limited space, or when you profile someone else projecting your beliefs onto them.

Releasing the ego from any expectation of who you were or are enables your I AM presence to be here in this moment, without the limited thinking and false patterning. To stop believing you are someone and start knowing you are everyone and everything.

Love and Limitless,
I AM ~ Lisanne??


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  1. mymatejoechip
    Oct 07, 2011 @ 16:40:38

    I am an insect – but I will get better.



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