Go Power Rangers

August has been a month of moving energy, evident by the earth’s changes as well as the mind changes. Having connected with many of my sisters during the month I can tell we are all in it deeply, working in the ethers and having the knowing to recognize what is really happening. Clearing, connecting and expanding while anchoring in the high heart energy. Though not without effort for what has come clear for me is that we are at the bottom where the darkest of shadows reside. Where destruction must take place to allow for a re-birth.  Each one of us has unique talents and knowing of what to do and how to use it. Some are pink rangers and others blue some have smaller parts to play while others are playing a big role. It doesn’t matter we are all-powerful and working holistically as well as synergistically for the common good at an accelerated pace. Each component is required and necessary for evolution. Do not underestimate your power and need for showing up right now.

A dear friend of mine took on the fear of giving away power. I feel that many of us on this level of work are not afraid of dying, though have been wrestling with the fear around our own power. Perhaps this has fundamentally been for all of us, the source of our shame, self blame and fear. Recognizing that we agreed to this anesthetized journey, where we would be numbed so as not to feel the pain of separation. Though the complication for our numbing left us forgetful and sleepy.  Nonetheless power rangers it only takes a correction once and is released from your cells and mine. When we can clear the discordance from one it will release that for the collective as well, sealing with the new energy. Not only are we in an accelerated warp drive the energy is also magnified. What would take life times now with just a slight alteration, a shift in consciousness the healing is fulfilled. This is why the impeccability of word and thought is of the up most priority right now for we are manifesting instantaneously. Merely decide to change your view, change your words, change your mind, break out of a pattern, decide to wake from your ground-hog day. This is the moment so many of us have been waiting for, don’t forget your lines and play your part…

Our power is exhibited by the use of our voice, while most of us have had throat issues and feelings of inability to speak our truth, we are moving passed this. Step into the consciousness that we are powerful and forgive yourself for giving your power away.

We are strong in numbers now mighty rangers of power. Keep moving forward, don’t stop or doubt what you are doing. We have the momentum to move mountains and everyone counts, everyone is needed, please do not underestimate your worth.

I see you, I validate you and I love you all…..go power rangers go!

Love and Power,


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