Awakened By Jupiter

Last night I was awakened once again….. restless the entire night, with a plethora of dreams and a barrage of thought forms. Surprised as I have quieted the wild horse mind which rarely comes to visit. My post, I’m Still Awake  speaks about my non-sleep state that I call twilight time. Not knowing the time of the night it was as I do not have a clock and is inconsequential for me. Getting up and down all night like a string puppet being moved across the stage I found myself a bit aggravated by the constant movement. The last time up I decided to get a drink of water. While standing at my counter looking out my window which faces the east…. I saw that I was not alone and perhaps why I was so restless. There he was glaring in my window at me……Jupiter. Sitting aside of the moon, brilliantly bright, playing with me, toying with my emotions, moving my energy around like a funnel cloud that catches the leaves on a fall day.

Now I know where those whispers were coming from, the King of the Gods…in astrological terms. Known as the planet of plenty, tolerant and expansive. Jupiter seeks insight through knowledge. Some of the planet’s other keywords are – morality, gratitude, hope, honor and the law. A planet of broader purpose, reaching for possibilities. Also Jupiter has been associated with good luck and abundance as well as optimism and growth.

So there it is, mystery solved. I am not surprised by the qualities Jupiter represent in my life right now, how about you? Do you feel some of these energies poking at you? We have so much coming at us right now, try to sit still and tune into this grand event horizon.

Listen to Jupiter’s voice …..

Song of Jupiter

Love and Expansion,


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