The Transformers

The transformers are here…. knocking down structures and breaking old patterns. Nothing stops the transformer, every obstacle, barrier or illusionary structure is dismantled and cleared by these power players. Having the power of clarity while seeing beyond the limitation of illusion; they are here to transform the consciousness of the planet assisting in evolution. Un-attachment is a critical component to their super powers as clearing the path for showing the way is arrived through not clinging to the old.

Are you aware of the structures, patterns and false beliefs that you have grown attached to? The fear that renders you paralyzed for forward movement. The realization that the very structures you have built for yourself have suspended you into stasis which impedes expansion.

The transformers are everywhere morphing into many shapes while cloaking themselves with an array of costumes. Often you will not recognize the transformer until they leave you in their energetic wake. You may not like what they say or do for they are shaking your world, exposing truth while revealing illusion. You may be angry or have outbursts of unexpected emotion when they are around, this is due to their transformative nature.

Truth may be painful when it confronts you, asking for examination and review of your very core. Chaos swirls, your senses are heightened as your world turns upside down and nothing is familiar. Layers are peeled away, stripped to your core,  naked to the world and yourself. Nowhere to hide now, only the allowance for transformation.

With new eyes and expanded heart the light grows bright within, chaos comes to a stillpoint. The breath is noticed and a connection to all that is…. stillness….calm and peace emerge. The realization you have no attachment to anything, the joy of being everything. The freedom and completion of self liberation.

>>>>>>>>>>>Now playing in a theater near you<<<<<<<<<<<

Love and Transformation,


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