Crystal Blue Persuasion

My crystals are clamoring for attention now more than ever, from my large quartz crystal singing bowl to the smallest of stones; all asking for me to work with them. While living in Boulder I would often take them out every full moon to bathe in the moonlight or bask them in the intensity of a rocky mountain high altitude sunny day. Though I do clear them with salt or using a tuning fork while others I will smudge with sweet grass; I am getting now that they are asking for and needing more.

Like us the crystal ones are too increasing in vibration and need clearing and charging. With another powerful full moon just days away I decided to cleanse and charge all of my crystal friends.  As I assist in their clearing they will in turn assist me in my own clarity and amplification. It is imperative that we keep up with this energy right now and our crystals can be extremely helpful. For those of us drawn to the mineral kingdom it comes with great responsibility and power to be the keepers; detrimental to the planet if we are careless or reckless with these minerals.
Also within this power is the knowing when and where to let them go. We are moving the energies around and though we love our crystals they are not something to own.

The mineral kingdom just as the animals and plants are too undergoing transformation and if we listen closely, work in unison and assist each other we all can transform together.

Please follow the link to my dear sister Solara An-Ra’s YouTube where she channels information of how to cleanse and charge our crystal friends.   Charging Crystals For Light Work

Solara An-Ra Warrior Of The Light 

In addition enjoy this oldie song…..

Crystal Blue Persuasion

Love and Crystal Persuasion,


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