The Divine Nine

The divine nine joined energies on the night of the new moon, solar eclipse with a grand cardinal cross. The number 9 is ruled by Mars they say and with that has an indestructible energy. In sacred geometry 9 is likened to the PHI spiral, 9 is the sacred number of the Moon Goddess also the Crone who symbolizes wisdom and a sense of sacred magic. What does this all mean…. a most auspicious night, the divine feminine voice in a collective, compassionate, cooperative union with the power to change the planet.

The evening began in the gardens where we assembled. A portal was opened with the high heart bowl ascending in a spiral of sound. Joining us for the crescendo were my four resident hummingbirds whom vibrated their joyous rhythm along with us. Zooming in and around us they conducted our swirling of sound vibration that shot out to the limitlessness of the universe; while Niobe catalyzed the moment with the beautifully powerful expressive sounds of her didgeridoo.

Commencing to go inside as a natural progression to the call of the evening’s affair we joined in a circle of musical enchantment. Crystal singing bowls, rattles, chimes and tones, shifted the room into a spacious vortex of boundless and timeless entrainment. Captivating anything in and around this field of deliverance. Mutable, malleable magnified energy; charging, clearing cascading while quantifying the moment.

After our finale we sat together as a chalice for love while sipping our tea, eating some treats and laughing ….. the nine, unified as the embodiment of the sacred divine.

Love and the Divine,


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