I’ve Got To Be Me, I’ve Got To Be Free

Who am I if not that I AM me. Where am I if not that I AM free.

Are there borders and boundaries? Where do we see them? Are they not mental constraints of limited thinking. Who is creating this? Am I right or wrong? Is there polarity in this thinking, do we move beyond this thinking to be free. What is the dream that keeps me alive, who is dreaming? Am I free in my dreaming? What is success in freedom, will I settle for less.

If I can’t love myself am I truly free?  Will I go it alone, who is alone?  Will I live to die or die to live to be free.

I do not recognize these “holidays” as tradition in my world. Though they beg us to look at it for what it is…..


Wake up and break free….

Love and Freedom,

enjoy the video

I’ve Got To Be Me


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