Where The Truth Lies

Since writing my post called Truth I have evolved with how I feel about truth. Questioning the very essence of what truth really is for me. May it be yours, or mine or may it be our consensus guided reality… Maybe – just maybe I AM THE WAY, THE LIGHT AND THE TRUTH!

Let’s consider that we do not communicate verbally, I feel it is the least effective way of communication. The visual expression creates more of a feeling, as the imagery creates the pictures for us to fill in with truth in a more authentic way.

Could our verbal words and written for that matter be completely misleading and in some manner deceptive. May it all be part of the illusion and perhaps truth in itself is a lie? Again are we just caught up in the words with disparaging communication. Losing our way due to the many layers of interpretation that are entirely arbitrary.

Could we be addicted to verbal expression, entraining ourselves as well as others to the tone and vibration that words create? Hypnotically captivating and limiting ourselves in an antiquated methodology. Are words merely an overlay to our purest tone and authentic vibration? Words – language is a form of defining and characterizing everything we see, hear, taste, smell and feel. Can this not all be done through a collective telepathic cooperative?

Next time you speak challenge yourself to filter your senses through your heart and catalyze it by feeling. There lies your truth ………where you are the way of your truth, the light of consciousness ~ divine truth.

Love and Truth,


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