Let There Be Light – part 1

Happy Solstice!!  I asked for it and I got it…

During the days preceding the solstice I had asked for the highest vibration that was coming through. That means light and Solstice means the still point…..

With the solstice sandwiched between all the eclipses, while being on a full moon we are given unprecedented light right now. A complete upgrade of our equipment via the high voltage frequency. Felt as though I was running 220 V into what was my 120 V outlet, without any modulation I would have fried. Waking up feeling a bit groggy was just the beginning, as the morning progressed especially at the peak of solstice I was buzzing. My heart was pounding out of my chest, I felt dizzy and my crown chakra was wide open in receiving mode. I knew this was coming yet how do you prepare for it, this was no ordinary day and called for extraordinary measures.

There was a Solstice gathering at my friends Dennis and True Heart’s house, recognizing these powerful moments they have held several gatherings this last year. As one of the first on sight I proceeded to head down to the acreage where the bon fire was started. Keidren and I smudged the area to sanctify the space where we will be having our communal gathering.

I grew particularly aware of everyone entering the scene, as they each would make their way down this clear pathway to the opening of the field. Like the entrance to a grand ball each person would descend to the group which was gathering in this outside healing room. I felt a deep recognition and familiarity to those entering the space, as if we have done this many times before. After being smudged everyone would enter the sacred setting, sitting on a vortex overlooking the western mountains. The breathtaking view as our back drop gave way for an experience of grand proportion this day. The sun was extremely intense it felt to be 100 degrees, though rarely do we get hot here in Port Townsend;  as I knew it was maybe 70 degrees. At one point I was not sure if this heat and light was emanating from within while pouring out or the obvious other way.

Having a grandfather drum as well as a mother drum made for quite the spectacle. Many other hand drums were being used as well as rattles and other sound makers. After a couple of hours everyone was feeling the intensity of the heat and energy radiating around, through and from. Seemingly a communal consensus we wrapped up the first part and headed to the house to cool down and rest. Certainly by no means was the energy subsiding and for me what would be the most intoxicating moments of the day yet to come.

Let There Be Light – part 2

Love and Light,


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