Luna~Essence – part 2

Returning home from the water’s edge I felt a need to integrate what just took place with a desire to rest. The evening was quickly approaching and while bringing a whole other wave of energy that I wanted to prepare for receiving. The integration of matter into spirit with an infusion of a new light vibration, the keys and codes for the golden age.

My friend R and I proceeded to set up the stage. He built the fire while I consecrated our circle for the gathering. As we watched the sky change like a kaleidoscope when the sun dropped behind the mountain we were joined by other dear ones. The evening was off to a lovely connection with fun conversation and playfulness. Then in a moments glance – across the water beyond the subtle shadows of Mt. Rainier, in a perfectly clear sky there she began to rise. Such deep shades of orange and reds, I am not sure that crayola would even have a name for this new hue, in a moment of silence we all stood with reverence while we gazed at the beauty of the moon. I felt such gratitude for her appearance and had the sense that this was going to be a powerful night.

The crackling fire glowing as a beacon of light from the length of the shoreline attracted others to join in our celebration. As I was playing my drum along the water’s edge a lovely spirit walked over to me asking if she could join the group, of course I said without hesitation. Introducing Jodi to everyone she immediately merged with the energy of the group adding to the lively conversation with an abundance of laughter and joy. The fire kept us warm as our warm hearts connected in oneness.

Along came two other spirits emerging from the darkness, only to be followed by a moon shadow. With a deliberate stride which brought them directly to our fire, they too asked to join us. Tony and Tyler were introduced and cozied on in while instantly joining in with a kindred heart link. Shortly thereafter, Phil our final tribe member found his way in the same manner as the others, as if a knowing they were beckoned to be apart of what was a transformational night.

Conversation moved into sound sharing with Kellene’s beautiful flute and Phil playing the ukulele, Mel rhythmically on my hand drum and I on my crystal bowl. An interesting harmony that seem to be the perfect blend of magic and movement….

R adding another piece of driftwood to the fire, assuring to keep us secure in the knowing we were warm and with just enough illumination to see our true selves in the eyes of the other. Really quite enchanting.

Slowly farewells were being said as the moon was straight above, the air chilly all around and behind us. Recognizing in the delight of what was shared the rest of us closed the sacred circle by dowsing the fire before we walked off to ascend the bluff stairs.

I felt in my heart a sense of fulfillment, spirit brought everything needed to bring joy and love in a moment of oneness. All this while receiving a download of light and re-calibration of the highest potential. What a lovely dream we can create, a way to live to love to be in this world as divine beings. The highest expression of service is when we can offer a vibrational sharing of illumination with kindred spirits.

Love and Illumination,


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  1. poetryscream
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 12:39:36

    lovely, lovely, lovely. you are such a poet.


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