Luna~Essence – part 1

The power of the day was indeed felt. The lunar eclipse coupled with a full moon gave me moments of grace with a demand for presence, receptivity and allowance.

My day started with a recognition of the momentum of energy, feeling to be in a vacuum as I was in movement yet formless. While preparing to go down to the seaside during the peak of the eclipse I was guided to a watch a video of a live stream of the eclipse on the other side of the planet. Lunar eclipse

Though there were many people in the area on the beach where I intended to set up for ceremony, mostly were children so I did not feel the need to venture far. Within minutes of my drumming I noticed everyone had cleared the beach providing for the privacy I so prefer. The sun appearing through a cloud when it seemed appropriate while the air still and silent, just the sound of the waves gently folding themselves onto the beach.

My intention with this ceremony was to utilize the power of this energy to bring into my being the highest vibrational frequency my body can withstand. To anchor in as much light while at the same time releasing anything that is not mine and does not serve me now.

This can be done at anytime, however in these extremely powerful energy surges the potential is amplified. The cosmos insistence that I release all that does not serve including any old patterning and behavior, for what I felt coming thru was a download of light that is illuminating every cell of my being, a DNA upgrade re-calibrating my vibration. The allowance to be a chalice for radiant luminescence.

After the completion of ceremony I again noticed how quiet and vacant the shoreline was, just the sound of the sea. While only a moment’s recognition of my surroundings I looked up to the sky and there I saw my eagle in his flight of impeccability heading off to the bluff side. Thank you spirit for bringing such amazing gifts to be witnessed……..

Luna – essence  -Part 2

Love and Luminescence,


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