A Garden For Erica

Upon awakening today I decided to make a contribution to the glorious beauty that surrounds me with an offering of flowers. My sweet space, my little temple is surrounded by a bountiful array of colorful flowers. To get to my home one must walk through this garden of eden and climb a stairway to heaven which is the entrance. In honor this I will make an offering to express my gratitude. The view from my side window is a show case of mossy rocks and ferns as a back drop with a small bonsai looking tree holding presence at center stage. All this providing the perfect setting for a little flower garden and I get the front row center seat!

So out I go with my gloves on spade in hand and then an unexpected twist…..

Mel, my neighbor the homeowner and dear sister of spirit greets me with a bit of sorrow. Her friend Erica was transitioning later that day, while seeing Mel in that moment and staying connected to spirit I knew and remembered this was our time… and so did she. We both acknowledged we needed to midwife this rebirth.

Agreeing to hold ceremony at the top of the stairs (the portal) to the gardens we began setting the stage. I proceeded to plant the flowers in the new garden, while Mel gathered picked flowers for the ceremony. Together we were one in spirit, moving in unison for a sacred moment we knew we were a part of.

Quickly finishing my task, I cleaned up and brought the needed items for ceremony. Mel invited two other sisters of spirit Kellene and Renee to join with us in this sacred ceremony. Mel was tracking Erica’s energy and knew when it was time, dropping into the moment, clearing a path, opening the portal and connecting with Erica. The air was still and silent, just the sound of the crystal bowl and our breath. The four of us in a circle with joined hands as if we had been doing this for a lifetime. We began toning to guide sweet Erica, releasing all of our attachments as well as hers, while assisting in the release of all those who know and love her. As soon as we cleared the last attachment a gust of wind out of the stillness swept up behind Mel and flew up through her and over her head. That instant a single crow beckoned us to see the eagle which appeared and circled overhead. It was done Erica moved on with grace and freedom.

In a moment of presence the four of us in harmonious consciousness became the catalyst to our own evolution. Releasing an aspect of ourselves, we were midwives to our own rebirth. Erica now able to soar freely on her path without the attachments humanity places on those who transition. Please read my post called Un-attachment part 2, where I speak about this.

The very act of releasing a loved one is the highest expression of love, thereby this ritual bestows upon the illuminated spirit a conscious death and rebirth.

After the ceremony we all looked at each other and knew our work as midwives for transformation had begun and my new little garden so perfectly timed will be known as Erica’s garden.

Love and Illumination,


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