The Doctor’s Out part 3

I am not the things I read or learn thereby this accreditation as Doctor is just a formal proclamation for the 3D world. There is nothing to learn, only to remember. I am not the titles that I have born, as these are merely engagements of the journey for which plant the seeds of awareness; the seeds (clues) to raise consciousness. As for this journey of the Doctor I would find myself like Alice going down another rabbit hole, popping many pills to make me something I was not. One pill made me larger and one which made me smaller……….and some didn’t do anything at all. I was stuck in a pattern until I could finally remember (heal) to gather myself back from the fragmentation of seeking a light vibration that I “believed” was in a pill. When I unattached from my belief system which kept me attached to the structure – my truth was revealed and I found myself waiting on the other side…..

It is always the most obvious thing in front of us that is the gift from yourself, yet we stand in our own way seeking to make ourselves smaller or larger. When I finally could raise my vibration to a level to see through the illusion of the performance, I thus could release the attachment to be a “Doctor” of anything and a healer of everything having the power to heal and remember who I really am.

Love and Gratitude,


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