The Doctor’s Out part 2

The many lessons that would prevail throughout this journey particularly when I bring it all into my now are just beginning to emerge. You see I feel our lessons are not so much that we get to the end of the path, for it is what we find along the way and if we track this we will gather our clues. However sometimes while on the path we cannot see these gifts until we raise our consciousness enough to recognize what is beyond the illusion. There is nothing new to learn – all information is available to everyone. As we grow in our awareness we simply remember the knowing coded deep within.

I had to experience my painful lesson intensely for a decade until one day spirit said “enough I got it!” Shoving supplements down my throat to try to replace a vibration for light was simply not going to work. The folly of my belief would carry me toward taking about 50 pills twice a day of various types supplements. Some were vitamins others minerals or other highly acclaimed to be the best ever new miracle product on the market. My “believing” in each new product ultimately would catalyze the very essence of my lesson. This evolution was not just about the light frequency of nourishment it was also about belief and truth and discernment of the both. Visit my post about truth as I feel it is relevant to what I am sharing about my believing in what was true for me.

My belief that I could nourish my body with 100 pills a day took me to a place of acceptance as well as complacency; while not having any health issues during those years or the years preceding, as was evident for I was not trusting myself to see the truth.

The depth of the absurdity was as dramatic as was in my role of Cosmic Mama, whereby I would go deep into the center of the labyrinth in order to raise my consciousness enough to remove the attachments. Once these attachments are removed the truth of authentic self is disclosed and the healing is profound.

The Doctor’s Out  Part 3

Love and Gratitude,


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