The Doctor’s Out part 1

Apart from the odyssey as Cosmic Mama, another role I played in-depth for many years was that of a healer. Most often the wounded will become the healer on a journey of truth and impeccable authenticity. To remember my true ability as a healer and to know my power I had to heal myself and go deep into the world of natural healing. This is a chapter in my book Metamorphosis and while on this journey of seeking my truth I will have many revelations as to the healer that I truly am. Healing and healer were words I had difficulty understanding as I felt they were over used. Especially living in Boulder it seemed everyone was a healer. I grew in understanding of what this meant and will speak about this in a future post. For true healing is remembering who you are.

Spirit would spark a knowing to go deep into the studies of Naturopathy to emerge with a doctorate for healing. It would be 5 years of course studies nevertheless decades of truth-seeking acquiring as much information as I could possibly assimilate. Only to come out the other side feeling disillusioned. For this I would never go into practice, though still utilizing the basic principle wisdom behind these teachings. Rather than hanging up my sign “The Doctor’s In” I was out.

The Doctor’s Out  Part 2

Love and Gratitude,


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