The Age of Women and Water part 3

The most outrageous story was when Steven and I took a cruise in the early 90’s. I knew I needed my bottled water as I did not trust the water would be to my standards on the ship. We took very little with us as far as clothing perhaps only 2 small suitcases, however instead we would take 4 flats of bottled water! It was ridiculously difficult for us, especially for Steven who had to carry this on what would be a very long day until we finally got onto the ship. The grace and love this man expressed for me while enduring this tremendous burden I dare say few others would have consented.

Another amazing water story was while I was living in Florida. Though we lived there for only 3 years I would have an opportunity to hold rituals of blessing the coastal waters with highly activated water that was sent to me from angels- well something like that. I did not fully know what or why I was doing it, I just felt called to this healing. Perhaps it was in preparation for the gulf spill that would take place just 2 years later.

It was not until our trip to Mt. Shasta that I would have the gift of living water to grace my lips. When Steven and I took a vision quest together to Mt. Shasta in 2009, I would have the pleasure of feeling, tasting, experiencing living water. This high frequency, fully coded water was like nothing I have ever known. My body could not get enough, I ate very little food that week as the water fully nourished me.

I am most fortunate to live in an area that provides pure water from mountain run off, while the municipality does not add fluoride to the water – quite exceptional for our times. All that I do now is to filter out the chlorine. Drinking this pureness while living near all this water is such a tremendous gift. I am riding the waves of consciousness of expressive femininity with the abundance of being surrounded by the beauty of the water.

Love and  Gratitude,


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