The Age of Women and Water part 1

It has been said we have now entered the age of women and water. Water the dreamy feminine and abundant symbol also holds with it ancient symbolism for the astral plane, dreams and other levels of consciousness. Water the flow of the collective mind ~ collective unconsciousness, showing us that our reality is ever-changing. Our bodies are mostly water thereby gazing upon a body of water are we not looking at an aspect of self?

With the earthquakes and intense lunar pull creating tsunami, wild weather patterns and flooding ~ we are only beginning to see the displacement of water on our planet. This is not devastation merely mother is repositioning herself for birthing, which will greatly catalyze the movement of water for the entire planet. The shift of consciousness that is allowing for the divine feminine to emerge with the compassion to live in peace on the planet; coupled with the abundance of water is bringing forth a mass baptism, symbolizing purification and regeneration. The oceans, lifeblood for Gaia is likened to that of our blood which is 83% water – salt water, which has a specific combination of minerals. The oceans hold the keys to our evolution and survival with the purest sources of minerals available. Minerals have the ability to resonate with the energy of the sun and are able to store this energy as electrical potential. Minerals are also the catalyst by which our bodies are able to utilize this stored light energy. A higher mineral content creates a higher electrical potential, this light frequency stored from the suns rays provide  the codes for activating our light bodies. Fear not that the water flows as allowance offers us the expansion of consciousness.

Women are the water bearers, I have always felt this for myself. Water was and is a priority in my life. I’ll share some of my outrageous water stories in part 3, whereby I go to extreme measures to assure I have clean water.

The Age of Women and Water -Part 2

Love and Gratitude,


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  1. Carina
    Jul 01, 2012 @ 03:31:38

    Thank you it is reassuring to read other women are waking up to our internal waters and our connections to all our external waters this knowledge is being re awakened
    I am writing about it via the mermaids and elemental kingdoms Love to you on your journey Mercarina


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