You are worthy, IAM worthy

See me, hear me, feel me……. validate me for IAM worthy

While entering my food co-op today, there were 3 beautiful souls sitting near the entrance taking shelter from the rain. A young couple with their dog and a newly befriended young man with sparkling white teeth and his dog. I could tell how white his teeth were by his endless smile. I stopped to visit with the three of them to find out about their journey. Our co-op is a safe haven for transient musicians and allows them to earn money for their talents. We all connected, shared our story and what I realized was how grateful they were to be seen, to be validated, it was not just the money to buy food. “Please notice me their spirit called out.”

There can be no greater gift than that of validating another’s worth. Why would I say this? We all seek to feel special, to be important and recognized, appreciated. When I can love enough to recognize myself in their eyes, to see the face of God in another, I empower myself.

Often I find myself in a place on this planet with someone who is pleading for attention, “see me, hear me, please just feel my pain”  as their soul cries out to reach me, to connect on the deepest level and to know. Sometimes spirit cries out from another embodiment and while often they are not listening we may hear the plea. If in that moment’s pause we validate that they are worthy we now have brought back an aspect of self for recognition.

The grace of our power is in the love and recognition of all that we are, love is allowing, forgiving and inclusive.

Love and Recognition,


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