The Sacred Ribbon Ceremony

Create your space however you choose, consecrate it, do ceremony of preparation such as smudging, blessing, singing bowls, crystals may be placed in this circle and activated.

Steven and I entered the ceremony over an open fire, if this were not available a candle would be equally as effective. There are 2 ribbons involved, 1 white and 1 gold, each 33” long, also a chalice of sort filled with blessed and activated water. You may place the water near crystals hours prior to the ceremony, in addition flower essences can be used to enhance the water.

Steven and I stood across from each other, looking into each others eyes, holding the ribbon over the fire.

The first was the gold, the master healer:
your vows can be anything that your heart sings, something like this –

“Lisanne I ask for forgiveness and release for anything that I have caused you pain, insecurity, insult, to feel lessor or to diminish your own existence.
Will you forgive me?” I responded while looking directly at Steven, “yes, I forgive you.”

I would repeat this back to Steven and he would respond in the same manner. After which we both release our end of the ribbon into the fire.

Next the white ribbon, for purification and release:

“Lisanne, I release any energetic attachments that I have knowingly or unknowingly imposed on you. I bring back all into my now to be fully into service. Will you accept this.”

I responded, “yes I will accept this”
Again I would repeat to Steven and in addition adopting whatever  my heart needed to speak in that moment and ask Steven if he would accept this. Both of us releasing the ribbon into the sacred fire.

After this share a drink from the chalice.

Anytime we perform ceremony we connect to an etherial place of multi dimension. This is earth work and not only will there be healing between the couple but as archetypes every person within a relationship therefore receives this clearing and release. This is a beautiful ceremony for balancing the grace of the masculine and the divine feminine energy to create a harmony in neutrality.

Love and Grace,


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