En~Lighten Up

Do you suppose we are caught up with the word enlightenment? Feeling we have to be Guru or someone “high” up there to achieve this state of grace. Have we been so misguided to “believe” that enlightenment is unattainable as it takes lifetimes of diligent meditation, focus and deprivation. Perceiving it to be a marathon of such grand proportion we’re intimidated to even attempt to enter the race with the Buddha, Christ and masters that crossed the finish line.

Do you suppose that these masters simply had the confidence that they could achieve this state of greater knowledge, greater awareness. Trusting their own power, owning it and stepping into the consciousness that they are in fact a master. You are powerful, and hold within you the grace of knowing. Maybe if we can just play with this and not be so serious that enlightenment is not some esoteric mystery school for wizards and shaman.

Do you suppose your very essence is guiding you to a brilliance of understanding and simplicity in nature that you are enlightened yet you are not aware. Like Dorothy, you always had the ruby slippers and the knowing. Just open your eyes and let the light fill them and gaze at grace of your own power. Remove those tethers that hold you down.

Do you suppose that enlightenment may simply be the very essence of receiving more light……. illumination…

Light is a vibration of information, take it in receive it systemically. The secrets and codes are always right in front of us. It has been said that you will see the landscape when you are ready. Are you ready? Fill your vessel with the light, open your heart receive the codes that activate your light body. En-lighten up!

Love and Light,


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