Re~Creationships part 2

Steven and I know how to traverse this landscape of separation/expansion. From our first time together where magic revealed itself to us as a dance, our dance of a lifetime. It was a slow dance a moment in time that I have grown to understand would be our dance for 30 years in and out of different octaves.  The song we danced to was appropriately titled  “Time” – Alan Parsons Project.  Through the years Steven would travel for business quite often weeks at a time and when a move was involved we may have been separated for months, however when we were together it was most intense. We laugh about this now as perhaps it was a good thing we were not always together as we would exhaust each other. The 14 months apart was the longest and in some way the most distant for us. Steven went deep and I came to a place of creation and stillness. Not just miles apart this time – lifetimes apart.

I honestly did not know what to expect as the apparent distance was seemingly great and I had begun to feel that the gap may have grown too wide, for that we might not find common ground. Anticipation arose as the day grew close to our reunion having a feeling there would be much healing….. Spirit would unite us in a way that the timing would unfold to be absolutely monumental.

The re-union took place on May 1st, the global love day when Mars and Jupiter crossed Venus, heralded by a most beautiful day the first rites of spring in Port Townsend. Greeting him in my garden as he ascended the stairs to my home it was in that moment I saw him and felt that deep, eternal and familiar connection. After taking a long walk down the beach to my lighthouse we stretched out in a field of densely populated wild flowers where we enjoyed each other’s company and connected once again in time.

The week felt as a lifetime, Steven and I kept in sync –  balanced, respectful and allowing all the while healing, sorting and forgiving. There was a rebalance of energy that was created which manifested into equality, neutrality and a still point.

I took Steven to the west coast to the top of the continent known as Neah Bay, where lies a spectacular energy vortex on the ring of fire. Taking turns lying at the portal under the clear blue sky feeling the vibration of the earth move from the water which bellows a tune of re-creation into the caves. Then heading down the coast to Rialto beach where we would watch the sun fall into the sea while quiet moments of contemplation prepared us for the evening’s ceremony. The lodge where we stayed provided opportunity for much healing as well as the perfect setting for our fire ceremony. Steven offered this after receiving the full ritual in dream state, we call it the sacred ribbon ceremony. The details of this ceremony are in a separate writing. The next morning while on our way home we stopped at another portal Crescent Lake, a glacier lake; it would be there that I contemplated about our journey together. An amazing week of gathering our power of union and cooperation, where the full allowance of unconditional love without judgement nor restriction while releasing all attachments pervades. The moment in time where creation transforms relationships, thereby allowing for expansion by setting each other free.

Love and Re-creation,



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