Re~Creationships part 1

Relationships are being tested for integrity besides their authentic character now more than ever. I am aware of couples, partners, friendships as well as marriages (including myself) enduring some kind of shift in defining what role we will play. Will we stay together and recreate the partnership, will we part for revaluation or do we permanently go our own way. As our individual frequency continues to change with the planet’s so does our partners. Not only will this fluctuation make it difficult for an individual it challenges couples asking if we can continue to harmonize in unison our vibrational signature.

The masculine energy coalesced with the creational divine feminine will integrate as a couple allows for the expression of love to flow with autonomy. Without the influence of expectation, guilt, shame and all the other co-dependent costuming we tend to play out in our relationships. Those hooks that we attach to keep love bound to us rather than flowing through us. Our attachment to the relationship serves no one it will only catalyze the dismantling of one’s own evolution through the projected engagement. I share this in my post I Want Un-Attachment, that it is the cord or hook that impedes our evolution.

Allowing for the fullest expression of our beloved will seed the fertile ground for expansion. Sometimes this expression will show up as a separation as the old saying if you love something set it free applies here. The desire to hang on possess or stifle is control and attachment not at all an expression of love.

I personally can attest to a re-creation of my relationship with my husband for after my vision quest I shared with my spouse of almost 30 years that I had to leave by myself and live in Port Townsend. That it was not at all about him, it was about me.

14 months would pass between us with no specific reason other than Steven had his work as I had my own journey of self discovery while completing my book; that is until our reunion on May 1st.

re-creationships  –  part 2

Love and Re-creation,


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