I Want Un~Attachment part 2

Another way to know attachment is through the physical death of the body. What a great disservice we have been taught through ancestry, as we leave our hook of attachment in our loved one when they die and ascend on their journey. Typically funerals are mournful, suffering and lingering, we impede our very evolution when we hang on that cord, rather than let our beloved soar. The attachment to our suffering not only holds us in a lost moment it will ultimately interfere with the journey of another’s transition, as we release our ancestors freely with love and grace, it will greatly catalyze our own evolution!

Attachment shows itself in many ways, the chapter in my book, Metamorphosis titled attachment speaks of this journey.  My darkest aspects of shadow serving itself with hooks into everything, especially my most beloved children. Subsequently the liberation of my spirit when I would either have the physical death or transcendence of separation through pain.

I moved through this and came out with the proclivity for un-attachment to everything. This does not preclude the love that I have for my children as the depth of my love is even greater now; for I do not eclipse this love with the control hooks of attachment. Fully expressed I allow the love to be.

Un-attachment is a key to unlocking the fear program, it dissipates all structures while relinquishing fear. Desire creates the attachment to things, thus the play on words in the title of this post. Wanting is a desire, another way we hook ourselves into the “future” and out of the present moment.

Attachment will also interfere in the manifestation of our creativity as it hooks us to the desire while blocking the flow for creation. It is a matter of choice of how you wish to be here. Pain may happen as a feeling opportunity however suffering is an optional side. Consciously choosing not to suffer will allow for the liberation of un~attachment.

Love and Gratitude,


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