I Want Un~Attachment part 1

One of the many paths I have taken on my journey has been a path to understand the feeling of attachment. I would endeavor to fully reach the deepest level of attachment through the love for my children. The chapter in my book as well as my post called Cosmic Mama fully claims the depth of this love and joy I hold for my children.

Spirit would take me in with such fervency for this love, to only be swept away into a sea of separation. A journey of death to self; as those deepest attachments which held me to a perpetual past would come loose freeing me, allowing for the fragmentation of self to unite. This reunion, the rightful claiming of calling oneself back to oneness, is accomplished through un-attachment.  Unhooking the cords that cling to something we have grown to understand as the past; for it is there that our energy gets displaced and lingers to an emotional aspects of the journey. The recognition of the attachment is the first step toward freedom; for when we grow aware that we have hooked ourselves, we can begin to end the suffering.

coming soon – part 2

Love and Gratitude,


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