Cosmic Mama – part 3

Perhaps the title of “best Mom ever” Cosmic Mama, was graciously bestowed upon me by my boys as they would witness the abundance of my care giving. Extending to every child that came within a mile of our home, Ma would nurture and cook for everyone.

Never forgetting our neighbors in Pennsylvania, they had 2 sons almost my guys ages and also 2 older daughters. Quite humorous as the boys came to visit us the day we were moved in and I would commence to feeding them, you know the old saying about feeding the strays. There were times they would be at our house for 3 square meal almost everyday in the summer, the absurdity here was that they lived right next door to us. A great little story about these neighbor children had to do with the eldest daughter, Tiffany. Early one morning about 3:00 a.m. we heard a knock at the door, it was Tiffany asking if she could crash on our couch as she didn’t want to go home, (next door) and wake her family. She felt such comfort in coming to us she didn’t mind waking us up.

The SuperMom is always wanting to please, a real crowd pleaser. I felt if my children were always happy then I did a great job, not recognizing that children need to experience all aspects of their emotions. Protecting them from as much negative and sadness I could, always being in Disney Land has it’s own frivolity. I was the ultimate caregiver attempting to create the best day everyday, I call those years of unconsciousness my “baking cookies years.” I made great chocolate chip cookies that rivaled the best out there and when served warm it would bring such joy and comfort to those receiving. When Mama would bake those cookies and cuddle with those kids it just didn’t get any better than that for me as well. Though growing aware that even SuperMoms can make mistakes.

I understand why this was my story, why I created a life as I did, this was the part I played to assist my own evolution. I honor my past for what it was, however I do not linger there. We are many things, many stories, many lives……I just happened to play the one of  Cosmic Mama.

part 1

Love and Gratitude,


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