Cosmic Mama – part 2

I am so inspired of the Mommy’s that are raising their children in a conscious environment, providing opportunity for these young ones to be in their fullest expression. Their vibration is so high apparent just by looking into their eyes.
I had the great honor a couple of weeks ago to spend a few precious moments with my new friend, 5-year-old Tuva. She would share with me her heart stone and I would share with her the crystals that I had with me. When she looked at me with such clarity with her brilliant big blue eyes that seem to hold the entire code of the universe, I knew Tuva gave me a transmission of grand proportion, a love transmission that expanded my high heart. The little crystal I gave to her though powerful, really did pale in comparison to the splendor of all that she is for she too is a crystal.

I would like to pass the title of Cosmic Mama onto these conscious moms of today as they are changing the planet one breath at a time with their children. Through the recognition that these crystal children to be omnipotent and omnipresent as they are tuned in holding a very high vibration. Able to stay present and mindful is a challenge of it’s own and then to transcend this to their children aprons off to you moms – I honor you and thank you.

Cosmic Mama – part 3

Love and Gratitude,


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