Powerful Pineal and the Pituitary

Wake up and open your eyes, all three of them. The pineal gland, 6th chakra – Ajna;  about the size of a pea and sits at the center of your brain. Known also as the seat of the soul, is said to be the link between the physical and spiritual worlds.

If you have been following my blog you may have read how dandelion and the trees have been speaking to me. Now it’s my glands…….yea, I know it sounds strange, however isn’t everything now – anyway? The nudge to pay attention was actually from the thymus and hypothalamus, for which I am writing a separate post. Suffice to say that the hypothalamus works in harmony with the pineal gland.

The Pineal is activated by light, controlling various biorhythms of the body through the secretion of the hormone melatonin. Sending information to an area in the hypothalamus gland, which returns impulses to the pineal. This all having to do with the production of melatonin that regulates the sleep-wake cycle.       (do you get where this is going?) Melatonin has been called the “hormone of darkness” as it is only permitted by the darkness. It is critical to get that light in our eyes everyday, take off those sunglasses and open your eyes everyone. On a side note I read that the experts say melatonin is protection against ionizing radiation ~  hmmm?

To activate the 3rd eye, the pineal and pituitary gland must be vibrating in unison, having a courtship and then dance effortlessly in a state of solidarity. The sacred triangle is where the light enters your pineal gland and the knowledge of this light shines from within onto your pituitary gland. These two glands along with the sacred triangle create your third eye. This is the place in the body that holds the key for balancing the male and female polarities. Once these are balanced whole brain thinking occurs.

Solar flares and magnetite play an important role with the pineal. Magnetite is found in and around the gland and seems to be affected by the solar flares. Imagine if one of those flares got really close to earth, how that would set off and activate our pineal (light gland) en masse.

The Pineal gland can be devastated from fluoride as well as blocked with calcification. Certain foods can suppress or shut down these critical centers, sugar being one of the top culprits. A few others are: meat, dairy, grains, starches, eggs and of course all processed foods. Vibrational eating – sunfoods will serve best here for all the glands (chakra systems) of our body. I speak more of this in my book Metamorphosis.

How can we decalcify and activate our pineal gland? Working with essential oils, crystals, sun gazing, pineal flicking/thumping and sound healing – theta waves are also great. See below link for a YouTube that I found that demonstrated the pineal thump.

how to stimulate & decalcify your pineal gland

Love and Gratitude,


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  1. Tim
    Sep 29, 2013 @ 18:16:54

    Fascinated with the pineal gland because I never realized
    it even existed until recently.
    Thank you.
    Great post!


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