I’m Still Awake

Who’s awake and who’s asleep?  Ever since the acceleration of my journey I’ve grown aware that I cannot get back to sleep. I am restless, my senses are heightened, filled with anticipation. This would intensify the two years I lived in Boulder and currently continues. Finding myself at night in a state of consciousness I call twilight, not fully awake, yet definitely not asleep. As I do not have any clocks in my home I have no attachment to the time of night that it is, though I am aware of a transition. My thinking mind is not running, nor is the physical body in pain or uncomfortable. When noticing that rarely am I tired the next day I trust that I am not sleep deprived.  So ~  I surrender to that of allowing for what it is.

It can get crowded during the twilight time with a barrage of inexplicable events. Sometimes it may be a noise or a whisper. Until I moved to Port Townsend I had a frequency pitch I would hear that occurred in the night as well as the day.  Often there are vibrations that pull me back in. So what is this? I am not stressed nor anxious or fearful what is happening while I am in twilight time or should I say the twilight zone….ha.

Now I lay me down to sleep at night ~ am I really waking up

 when opening my eyes for sunrise ~ am I in that fake awake

Or just maybe I’m in a row-boat, going gently down the stream merrily, merrily, merr…. and life is but a dream.

Time to awaken,


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