Cosmic Mama – part 1

My sons often would say to me that “you’re the best Mom ever.” Many years would pass and my ego would grow that is until my  awareness would finally catch up. Though the expression of appreciation was quite lovely I felt the need to stop it as I sensed I might not be able to live up to this high title. I did want to be the best mother ever as my children were always my priority and I felt in order to be successful I would have to be a SuperMom, no better yet a Cosmic Mom. However as the years would pass with many moments of indiscretion that seemingly slipped through my hands before I could rectify what felt to be reckless on my part. I was not infallible and certainly did not want to catalyze their belief to later have such disappointment in my character, I really just wanted my children to know they were  loved unconditionally.

You see I was not a conscious mom, my awakening would begin at the end of those family years. I actually could not hold back as I started awakening while my youngest son was still in high school. Finding myself on a journey taking me far away from him as he would stay back to complete his last year of high school, I share this in detail in the early chapters of my book. Those nudges of awakening seem to come at an inconvenient time as suddenly I would drop my role as Cosmic Mama. Both of my sons would be in denial for sometime as this would shake their core understanding of what is and was and would shock the planet- well maybe just our family; nevertheless it was quite a spectacle. For this I was grateful that the few years prior to my cutting out on the final act I would encourage my guys not to hold me to such a level as “ best mom ever”.


Cosmic Mama -part 2

Love and Gratitude,


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