Sacred Union ~ Love Yourself

Valentines Day

~ a day to express your love ~ why not express this love for yourself ~

A union is a marriage – a joining in harmony or agreement. A Sacred Union is the most honored of all unions as it is the union of self with spirit, a divine union. When all duality is relinquished, uniting of the inner and outer, the balance of the masculine and the feminine to be in the grace of oneness.

I remember about 4 years ago I was asked by a medical intuitive if I loved myself, I quickly  responded with an emphatic “yes”. Then he had me ask my husband how much he loves me, he quickly responded with a 150%…. great response I felt. Is it not the measure of ones’ love by how much you are loved?  Surely 150% meant I was a great person worthy of so much love! Then I was told loud and clear that it was impossible for my husband to fully love me for I was not loving me. How could he know this I thought, how dare he presume that I did not love myself.

I was blessed by spirit then with this guidance and yet I could not accept this as my truth. I did not hear these words until………..

……, 4 years later – I hear the words of an angel. Spirit has brought me to a healing room to remember myself and to fully, completely love myself. To commune with my divine nature, my authentic self. Understanding that I am the beloved one I have been waiting for all along, fully embracing the ultimate of unions, the divine sacred union.

Love and Gratitude,


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