Clearing The Way For Expansion

December has been a time of final clearing, a spin cycle you might say.  The cosmic energies are assisting us in this process and are urging us to completion. Especially with the frequencies we have experienced with the full moon/lunar eclipse on the solstice. Personally,  I awoke the next morning with an energy hangover.

It is imperative to let go of all the old outdated beliefs, mythologies and ideologies. No more stories or labels, embracing brevity of words.  Grow aware of the patterns and know where you are in that pattern for opportunity to release it. I have found the need to release and let go of everything – possessions, thoughts, connections with some people, concerns for future and memories of the past. Most books I find are old stuff, it seems as though only a few are containing a frequency appropriate for this time. The only information needed is in my heart center and connecting to that.

For those pathfinders and wayseers this is the breath in the moment now, drop all fear base thoughts and let it go.  I have dedicated a whole chapter in my book just on fear, for it will block all our efforts toward expansion. What is it that you are afraid of?  If you have transcended the notion of death as a “bad” thing and released all concern for the future the only fear is that of facing yourself – knowing your authentic self and how you have forgotten your power.  Forgive yourself for this was always the game. You are aware now and cannot turn back, so move forward and expand.

This front line is being called to work on creation,  having the clarity and to create from a pure state of grace.  Allowing love to flow in the perfection that it is.

I invite you to use the mantra below for clearing thought patterns:

I am a master of divine expression.  I acknowledge that I feel _______and that it no longer serves my path to light. By the force of Grace, I release the energy of ________ back to the universe for the greatest good, to be transmuted into the highest form of light.

Love and Gratitude,


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