Mr Fitz

The first time I met Mr. Fitz I knew we had something special……. a deep connection. Though really not my type, a bit lazy and needy as apparently he was lonely which accounted for his intrusive behavior.  Waking me all hours of the night and early morning for attention.  Until he got his way and  moved to Colorado with me from his home in Georgia.Thus the journey begins with Mr. Fitz, a gray-haired wise old spirit that was to be apart of my life and changes I was about to undertake.

Fitz was my new daughter-in-law’s cat and adopted by my son when they started dating a year ago. My son really admired this cat for his spirit of adaptability, tenacity as well as his independent nature. Upon the realization that they were not able to be there for Fitz during their very busy senior year in college, my son Erik, asked me if I would like to adopt him. Having been 2 years since my last cat left me, I felt I was ready and agreed that during graduation time I would take him back with me to Colorado.

Fitz seemed stunned or drugged at first he would stare at me and acted silly at times, as though he were in a drunken stupor. Having so much compassion for this guy as I knew he spent many days alone in his home in Savannah, I offered my love and support to show him I wasn’t going to leave him. From the first very first night together he seemed content to sleep at the foot of my bed and continues to do the same in our new small space. It would be just four short weeks after moving in with me that a sudden journey would show up, a vision quest to the northwest. Having no idea of this when I consented to adopt Fitz I struggled with the thought of having to abandon this beautiful spirit; however the urge was too great…. so I did leave and well looked after by others.

Upon my return I had in my knowing he just could not move to Washington with me,  I could not fathom how this very large cat could live with me in a small space and to go on such a long drive.  As painful as it was to let him go I felt I had to set him free. Perhaps I was simply the vehicle which brought him to his rightful owner, attempting to make some sense of it.

During those first weeks after my return home, Fitz would stay with me every moment as he watched me pull apart every item I possessed while I sorted out my life, all symbolic of my spiritual journey. Either it would get sold, stored, donated or go with me, the boxes would  pile up in one spot and then I would move them to another. Like the video game Tetris, moving around the items of my life, clearing, sifting and sorting for importance as well as need; a non stop marathon for four weeks. Closely with quiet anticipation, Fitz by my side witnessing every movement I made. He was always quite affectionate to whom ever showed up almost as though interviewing them as a candidate for his new keepers. As though he knew he was going with someone else.

Synchronicity showed up and her name was Gina, a dear friend whom I honor and love. She came over to connect with me before I left town, the mere mention I was seeking a home for Fitz brought an instant knowing for Gina. As we both were elated with the decision, Fitz would leave me to go live with Gina and her family. Both of us a bit surprised and concerned by Fitz’s resistance the day Gina took him home with her as we felt if this were meant to be Fitz would not have been so reluctant.

Having no idea I would have so much pain with this separation, feeling as though he had been a lifetime partner or a lost child. I felt a rip in my solar plexus for 3 days, until I finally asked Fitz’s energy to go on that it cannot linger in my space any more. It was that moment when I checked in with Gina that she too was having reservations….. acknowledging we both knew…..something wasn’t right. Gina asked her friend whom is an animal communicator to check in with Fitz to gain some understanding and  confirm what we had been feeling about the arrangement. Fitz was quite clear he loved Gina and was grateful for their reunion, however he was to be with me. Gina and I had made an agreement prior to the reading that we would honor the outcome of Fitz’s request no matter what we would hear. Indeed when I heard what he wanted I returned to Gina’s to bring him home with me to continue our journey together. In those final weeks prior to our leaving for Washington, Fitz would patiently watch all the busy work while we co-created our new reality. He has a funny way of stretching his unusually long arms out in front of him like a Sphinx, it is these moments I feel he is in deep mediation doing his work. I saw him in this position quite a lot in those final weeks.

As far as small space, well yes he is managing, however there are times he could use his own bed!!

Meet Fitz – the curious, powerful and  determined spirit

The animal medicine of the cat is that of magic and mystery to come alive as well as independence.

Love and Gratitude,


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